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This is Kibbers, she’s a 2 year old female who used to be a stray.
She’s had two litters (all have homes now), but has been spayed since.
Because of her friendly nature, I took her back home thinking she’d
get along well with my 2 cats. I soon found that she prefers being the
ONLY cat, so unfortunately I can’t keep her forever. I made the
difficult decision to become her foster (difficult because I’ll be sad
to see her go - but happy when she’s given a loving forever-home), so
I signed a contract with Premier Animal Rescue (a non-profit formerly
known as Premier Cats & Kittens) in Vacaville, CA to help her become
adopted. I’m really hoping #CatsOfInstagram’s #AdoptSundays program
will heighten her chances, as I can’t make it to our local PETCO’s
adoption weekend every weekend.

She’s microchipped, but my information is no longer on it - I have her
microchip papers, which include the website to have your own
information attached to her chip. She absolutely enjoys cuddling (and
“hugging”, which is her propping her front paws on your shoulder and
pushing her head against yours. She goes extreme with me and pushes
herself up on my body and through my hair, and sometimes ends up on my
upper back), and likes to see what you’re eating (I blame myself for
giving her plain, uncooked chicken as a treat every now and then). And
I’m pretty sure her favorite movie is Ratatouille (the only time she
stares at the tv is when I have that movie on). @_@ She gets along
well with dogs who get along with her - she’s cuddled with my dog but
has swiped when my dog wanted to play rough.

You can contact me (her foster) at for
inquiries. You may also contact Kelly Fine at or Debie Pritchard at [source: ]
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